“Each track of this EP – the catchy debut release of Redukt, the project by Moscow-based electronic noise craftsmen Alexander Vasiliev and Nikolai Turchinski – got titled as a permutation of the main title and such a choice could make sense, as some aural elements are like constants that get thatched in different set-ups to change their “chemical” properties.
The way by which they handled the noisy slices and the electric sparks that ignite each loops and the simple mechanics of the five tracks could let you think they didn’t rely on computer-aided manipulation, with the only exception of a small clutch of percussive elements (such as the ground-shaking hitting low frequencies and the metallic clicks of “HTOO” or the async stitches digital crackle on the electrical stretching of “OTOH”).
The paradoxically sordid collisions of these cushioned noisy entities are anything but thunderous, as they, on the contrary, evoke arctic wastelands and suburban desolation, which contaminated language, thoughts, and lives. A soundtrack of imaginary dystopian or borderline scenarios or something tragically close to our (more or less camouflaged) reality?”