Kvitnu is experimental music label based in Berlin, Germany.

Kvitnu was found in 2006 in Kyiv by Dmytro Fedorenko.
Official label’s birthday is on 25th of December.

Kvitnu’s director and producer is Dmytro Fedorenko (Kotra).

Label’s visual curator is Kateryna Zavoloka.
Kvitnu logo created by Kateryna Zavoloka.

Between 2006 and 2014 along with regular label productions Kvitnu was very active as an event organising and promoting structure. During this period Kvitnu organized such International festivals as Kvitnu Fest and Detali Zvuku, as well as regular special live events series with such artists as Scorn, Pan Sonic, Extrawelt, Alexei Borisov and many others…

In 2011 Kvitnu became a winner in three nominations of the Qwartz Electronic Music Awards in Paris – as The Best label, The Best Artist (Sturqen) and Discovery Category (Peste by Sturqen). Also v4w.enko was nominated in Discovery category with his work “Harmonic Ratio”.

In 2013 two more Kvitnu releases were nominated by Qwartz Awards in Paris – Vitor Joaquim’s “Filament” and Dunaewsky69’s “Termination Voice”.

Kvitnu released works from such International artists as Kotra, Zavoloka, Plaster, Sturqen, Pan Sonic, Matter, Ilpo Väisänen, Mingle, Edward Sol, Exo_C, Isolat Pattern, Stray Dogs, Garaliya, Ujif_notfound, Mauri, Wieman, Goem, Vitor Joaquim, Malfinia Ensemblo, Asolaar, Vndl, Binmatu, Dunaewsky69, v4w.enko, Kaeba and Critikal.

Links to web-sites and social pages of all Kvitnu artists can be found on our Artists page.

Almost all Kvitnu releases are designed by Kateryna Zavoloka and Dmytro Fedorenko.

Kvitnu also collaborates with many visual artists, graphic designers, photographers and 3D modellers around the world.

Here’s the full list of our visual contributors:
Kateryna Zavoloka – design for most of our releases, banners, advertisement, etc.
Dmytro Fedorenko – production ideas of all releases, as well as photos, prints, paintings used in Kvitnu artworks.
David Arantes & César Rodrigues – artworks and photos for all Sturqen’s releases.
Lia Zavoloka – graphics for Matter “Solid State” and Kaeba “Synthetic Ice Cream [For Droids]”.
Eugen Vashchenko – graphics and visuals for v4w.enko “Harmonic Ratio”.
Paolo Cignini – photo for Plaster “Double Connection”.
Akuvido – graphics for Kotra “Reset”.
Fabrizio Garramone – layout for Plaster “Platforms”.
Caba Kosmotesto – cover for v4w.enko “cvxd+e”.
Ruslan Palamarchuk – cover for Critikal “Graphorrhea”.
Lunargrape – graphics for Dunaewsky69 “Endless”.
OIeg Kozlov – scanning microscope photography on Pan Sonic “Oksastus”, Asolaar “Interceptor” and Mingle “Static”.
Pier Paolo Patti – images for Matter “Paroxysmal”
Empty House – artwork for Kotra vs Edward Sol “Sokyra”