Kvitnu – the end

Today we present you our very last and final release. Yes, Kvitnu is being closed. Our amazing World is developing and changing extremely fast and intensively. And so are we, as an organic and integral part of it.  What time is better for a radical change than during such a great turmoil we all are […]

Neural review for Pan Sonic “Oksastus”

Oksastus is a precious reprint of a historical release by Pan Sonic. It was originally published by Kvitnu in 2014, four years after the group officially disbanded. Their last official album, Gravitoni was released in 2010, while Oksastus is actually a live performance, which took place in Kiev on June 6th 2009. However, no elements […]

We have a new release today!

KOTRA “NAMIR”https://kvitnu.bandcamp.com/album/namirThis one is from the label’s founder Dmytro Fedorenko. Seven massive growling technoise pieces of industrial poetry. This album is a story of a never-ending change, travels and intense discoveries. Music stretched in time, compressed, polished and distilled through immerse overloads.


https://kvitnu.bandcamp.com/album/salaam-alekum-bastardFinally, vinyl records arrived and we have both physical mediums in our hands to call a release date and start shipping! Vinyl and CD’s both sound and look massive! Covers were printed with bronze/black duotone and have a feeling of an old metal. Remastered sound is really intense. Available as 2xLP and CD, both limited […]


We were running FREE REWIND for eight weeks. We gave you almost forty of our releases for free. And this week FREE REWIND comes to an end. But don’t forget about those five more releases which are set to “Name Your Price” forever in our catalogue, and could become a good addition to the FREE […]

Good news!!!

After checking Deutschepost site today we found out that it is already possible to ship parcels to Canada, Japan, Malaysia and many other destinations overseas!!! Seems like only USA and Australia are still closed. Today we start packing and shipping to all re-opened countries!