Catalogue#: KVITNU 55
Released: 26.10.2017
Formats: CDr / Digital download

Lost and forgotten album conserved and fermented in digital archives for unknown cycles. Passed the time test and reawakened back to light.
Razor-sharp dance songs from the buried underground squeezed between raw tension impulses of abstract irritated sound harmonies. Acute pressure of moving concrete sonic forms and vertical will structures.

Each CD embedded into a hard cover artwork.
Each copy was individually painted personally by artist and looks unique.
Three different types of cover:
– embedded into a diamond cardboard
– embedded into a pearl cardboard
– brutally overpainted with black acrylic.

Music and images by Kotra.
Artwork layout by Zavoloka.
Mastered by C-drik at Syrphe..

1. Magicicada, Cycle Opened
2. Vertical Will
3. Horizontal Delay
4. Moving Up
5. A Song For The Sun
6. Don’t Forget, Exit