Catalogue# : KVITNU 11
Released: 09.08.2010
Formats: CD / Digital download

These three tracks were created in Krakow’s Studio for Electroacoustic music, where among many other things which help to transform musician’s mind, Dunaewsky69 had access to extremely old analogue equipment and special software, developed in this studio. In addition to Dunaewsky69’s love to the sound of analogue synthesizers and recording voices in the most unexpected ways and places, we received a very deep and complex work that reminds us abstract science fiction movies like Richard Victorov’s “To the Stars by Hard Ways” and old vinyl records with forgotten melodies and voices of space children from abandoned planets.

Music by Dunaewsky69.
Artwork by Lunargrape .

1. Kryla
2. Kiptik
3. Endless