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Zavoloka “Exhale”, video by Laetitia

Official video. This is the collaboration of Zavoloka /music and Laetitia /video.

The generative visuals created for the track “exhale” of the newest album Zavoloka’s “Viter” is the first presentation. It represents the liquid aspect of the lungs environment, where airy elements are transported. It’s the oxygen inside the liquid and the liquid mutating it to carbon. The video interacts with the frequencies of “Exhale”, and it’s a recording of a live manipulation. So, there’s many ways to develop itself. This collaboration is a mix of individual concepts of each artist’s works, that also research Organic and Biological matrixes. 2008 Copyright Zavoloka/Laetitia.
Zavoloka: http://zavoloka.com,
Laetitia: http://3leds.com