Sci-Fi elements play a critical role in Vion Oruwu’s shadowy “Tales From A Starship”. Done with the utmost of care the whole of the album glimmers with a glorious sheen. Atmospheric to its very core Voin Oruwu proves to have a great ear for melody allowing the drones to unfurl in majestic, awe-inspiring ways. The ambience oftentimes hides a rather cryptic undertone. Going for a rather expansive journey everything about the album feels quite immersive. Headphones are a must for the entire experience goes down many rabbit holes, proving impossible to properly pin down. Without needing to say a single word a narrative appears out of these many suites.

“Titan” sets the tone, spacious sounds followed by a slightly emotional affect. Peacefulness follows on the gauzy “Rising” which at times has an ancient aura about it. Industrial hewn “Blur Planet” opts for something paranoid, anxious, and raw. Near silence permeates “Source”. A full-on rave develops on “Acid Clavi 2110”, one of the album highlights. This energy continues on “Decay Instability” where the track feels as if it will descend into outright chaos at any given moment. Sculpting a strange ceremonial world is the eerie “Even Mind”. Glowing a little bit with hope is the gentle “Limulus” whose sudden outbursts feel truly shocking. Light on its feet is the proto-techno of “Ceremony” where it sweeps up everything in its path.

Voin Oruwu crafts an entire other universe on the spacious skies of “Tales From A Starship”.

Voin Oruwu – Tales From A Starship