“Behind the name Voin Oruwu we find Dmitry Avksentiev, from Kiev. He sometimes works as Koloah. I don’t think I heard his music before. For Voin Oruwu he says that it originated from his love for “cinematography and exploring mystical atmospheres”. On ‘Etudes From A Starship’, he offers ten pieces within thirty-four minutes and perhaps the most remarkable thing is, being on Kvitnu, a label with a strong identity in heavy rhythms, is that rhythm is not entirely absent here but plays only a minor role.
Much of what is going in these ten pieces is that melodic, string sounds, mixed together with more abstract electronic sounds, washes of synthesizers and some sort of field recordings from a foreign planet.
This is indeed the sort of music that could be from a science fiction movie of some kind. When rhythm pops up, such as in ‘Decay Instability’, it is of that Kvitnu type of force and brute but not with a big 4/4/ bass drum pounding away. Throughout these ten pieces offer quite a varied trip and that works quite well.
Maybe some of the pieces are perhaps altogether a bit too brief and some of it could have been longer and going through more complex structures; I am not sure. This is not music that I think will down easily in a club atmosphere, but maybe it will serve Avksentiev in the pursuit of a career in scoring soundtracks. Some of this surely already has that potential.”