… Here they have ten new pieces, ranging from one to eight minutes and the duo continue the path they have chosen. Again we have some very strong beats, and very strong they surely are. Even stronger than before I should think, but that easily goes for all the music here on this disc. More so than before these sound like lateĀ night acid jams with every button operating a sound, and every frequency is reached.. The whole notion of acid music is something that I didn’t hear so much in their work before. The ghost of Pan Sonic is still there, now perhaps also with the one of Unit Moebius, but what makes Sturqen different is their not so minimal sound. It is not something that goes on and on; there are quite a few drops and changes in the music, and also with their leanings towards heavy synths, the music gets something much more dramatic, maybe even orchestral. Nothing is held back here and Sturqen sets a new level for rhythm ‘n noise. Is it unpleasant noise (with a few calmer moments, such as ‘Minar’)? Not really; it was quite refreshing at the end of day, and in much need for a heavier tune or two. Is it dance music? Hard for me to say. The sonic overkill may prevent it from this being played as part of a DJ set, but hey, I’m not really the expert here when it comes to DJ-ing. A suitcase full of Kvitnu releases might do that trick for the true hard core (in every sense of the word) fans.