Available also on LP and CDR this is a new work by Andrea Gastaldello, also known as Mingle, who had  a previous release on Kvitnu in 2015 (see Vital Weekly 993) and who works with Deison (see Vital Weekly 1079, but also on other occasion). Since 1995 he is active with the production of electronic music, first doing just electro/dance music, but as Mingle he is more interested in something more minimal and abstract, but it keep revolving around beats, which is probably right up Kvitnu’s alley. I usually mention Pan Sonic when reviewing music on Kvitnu, but for this new release by Mingle that is perhaps not really possible. Before perhaps it was, but the eight pieces on this new release are not as fierce and stark rhythmically oriented as before and emphasizes now more on the moods and textures, all of course within the rhythmic structures of the machines. These beats are not really stomping a 4/4/ time measure and so the music is not very much aimed towards the dance floor, I think. The moody synthesizer washes have quite a dramatic impact and the beats are a bit more complex. This music sounds more like it has been aimed at film soundtracks or documentaries I think. The title track sounds like insects are eating the insides of an animal and the mid tempo rhythm is perfect to tell a story about the habitat of these animals. While Kvitnu talks about ‘static minimalism, aggressive landscapes’, I see more in what they also call ‘an introspective and melancholic journey; refined harmonies and disturbing
rhythms’; the latter maybe in ‘Dusty’, but I believe not much in the other pieces. I thought all of this was quite a remarkable leap forward; the music became more complex, spacious and it worked very well as a whole. This should open new doors for Mingle.