Absent in both pieces is rhythm, which perhaps is a pretty rare thing for a release on Kvitnu, known for their heavy, dark and minimal beat releases. Yet in it’s own way this is also heavy, dark and minimal, the well-orchestrated nightmarish soundtrack of thunder and torrential rain in ‘And Then We Started To Disappear’. In ‘Because We Don’t Need To Breath Anymore’ those stringed are locked in a time-loop warp and around it chainsaws drone away. Music that should be played loud and surely in the dark will scare the hell out of you, just like a fine horror soundtrack will do. The first piece pitch black but the second perhaps with a shimmer of light, barely to see but it seems there, especially in the earlier moments of the piece when it starts it ascend to darker atmospheres above us. These are two quite powerful pieces of music and quite a surprise to see them released by Kvitnu.