You must know him and his art

ujif_notfound by Anastasiia Mantach


I don’t remember which year it was when I met Georgiy Potopalskiy (Ujif_notfound). I guess around 2009 or so, at the time when I was wasting my time on creating and promoting experimental music events in Kyiv, he would perform there from time to time. Later on he would already invite me and my colleagues to perform on his events in his own space Efir, which later transformed into Kontrapunkt – one of the best small underground concert places in Kyiv, those who were there at least once know the unique atmosphere… And he would make music, a lot of music, I mean really a lot, and I am not talking about videos, installations and gazillion of other art activities behind his shoulders.

Few personal words about him – probably one of the most honest people I ever met in my life, one of the most delicate and intelligent persons I ever met. His life gave him heavy lessons most of you would wish to never even imagine, and no matter what, he remained pure. He came from Russia, but to me he is more Ukrainian then most of Ukrainian-born artists I know. He is a fighter, we were together during the most heavy fire days of our revolution in 2014. And he is a true and unique creator with unimaginable creative possibilities.

We released his first album in 2015, and the second one was immediately discussed to be released.
But glitches are all around us…
Since quite a while I had a huge number of his tracks waiting on my hard drive, which we would listen together with Zavoloka over and over again. I would try to select, re-organize this  archive somehow. But it never worked, don’t know why. Then I ask Gosha to make selection himself, then his main computer was stolen with all archive in addition to other life issues, and somehow this release was naturally postponed, again and again…

And one day, when going somewhere in Vienna, out of nothing Zavoloka tells me – “Hey, you know, why don’t we release everything from him. Just everything we have, no selections, no editing, just everything. Fuck it! We listened to all those tracks “as is” for hundreds of times, we should let people experience his music the same way as we have, full on!”
And I immediately said: “Yes, we do it. Right away.”

Later on we added just one more hour of Ujif_notfound’s music, to make the whole album even more exploratory. Now it’s around five hours long.
Then he wrote a software plug-in, which not only plays his own tracks, but also transforms these tracks and generates visuals while playing them.
So if you buy this album on a USB card, you can get really full generative psychedelic experience from this release.

I have no clue how he manages to create such beautiful soundscapes inside this generative madness, but some of his tracks sound like eternity.
There’s one very bad habit he has – he is too shy to push himself adequately according to the level of his art.
And so Kvitnu is about to fix it a little bit.

Please pay careful attention to this music, listen deep and give it a time to open up for you in it’s whole power. Listen to all of it.

You say you love complex music and advanced art? So dig it! ;)

Dmytro Fedorenko

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