Ujif_notfound - [pre][code] (kvitnu41)

We have a new, 41st release today:

Ujif_notfound – “[precode]”

Algorithmic psychedelia from grandmaster of Max/MSP madness Ujif_notfound. Digital audio hallucinating experience of extremely complex and at the same time gently simple sound forms. It is not just a music album, it’s a state of consciousness of radical deep experiments. A tool which will guide listener to a new sonic involvement. Unsafe and insecure music where balance and chaos collide.

Ujif_notfound is not a new name on Kvitnu. He already participated in our special compilation “Myths & Masks” in 2011 and we’ve been waiting for 4 years to finally put out a small part of his massive artistic developments, which include not only radical experiments with sound and algorithmic composition, but visual art and works in fields of interactive multimedia.

Release page: https://kvitnu.com/releases/kvitnu41/
Order your copy or download: http://shop.kvitnu.com/album/pre-code
Ujif_notfound’s personal site: http://www.un2114.com/