Today we start our new campaign – FREE REWIND

Every day, for 24 hours, we will put one release at “Name Your Price” for a download version. You can either download a release for free, or pay any amount you wish.

We will put for free download 5 releases per week, one each day, from Monday to Friday, and then next Monday five more, and then again…

FREE REWIND will contain those releases which are sold out on physical mediums. News about each free release will appear on our Facebook page, as well as on our Instagram and Twitter accounts. Subscribe to get updates about our FREE REWIND and you won’t miss anything.

There are plenty of sold out releases in our catalogue at the moment, it means we can run this campaign at least until summer.————————————————————————————

And today we start with out first ever release from our catalogue

24 weird & wild, triple distilled purely experimental tracks which were created back in 2005 and released in 2006! CD is sold out since long time.

Go, click “Name Your Price” and get this album now!————————————————————————————

Be safe, be calm and support each other.Yours,Kvitnu