Today is a punk day on Kvitnu!

And we bring you our 69th release!


This is a reissue of a very first album of Kotra, which was created back in 1998 and was originally released in 1999 on a cassette by notorious Kyiv’s label Moon Records.

It was one of the first releases of experimental noise electronic music in Ukraine.

As raw as it could be, explosive psychedelic noise dirt of open and uncut experiments with form and time. Electronic punk, black noise, straight forward psy-core. It’s simple and it’s 100% full-on.

If this music could hold up with the time, it is up to you to decide.

Push play.

Music and artwork photography by Dmytro Fedorenko.
Mastered by C-drík aka Kirdec.
Design by ZAVOLOKA.

This is our 69th release.
Digital download only.

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