Kvitnu – the end

Today we present you our very last and final release. Yes, Kvitnu is being closed. Our amazing World is developing and changing extremely fast and intensively. And so are we, as an organic and integral part of it.  What time is better for a radical change than during such a great turmoil we all are […]

Zavoloka made a new Kvitnu podcast

Released by our good friends Eclectique. Tracklist:01. Muslimgauze “Salaam Alekum, Bastard”, Kvitnu 202002. Mingle “Shove”, Kvitnu 201903. Zavoloka “Sontse | Сонце”, Kvitnu 201804. Plaster “Harden”, Kvitnu 201905. Sturqen “Rito”, Kvitnu 201806. Pan Sonic “5’41’’”, Kvitnu 202007. Kotra “Lement 3””, Kvitnu 202008. Zavoloka “Promeni | Промені”, Kvitnu 201809. Ujif_notfound “L.L.”, Kvitnu 201910. Muslimgauze “Dome Of The […]

Chain D.L.K. review for Sturqen “Survivalismo”

Under the genuinely sonic aspect, this new album by Portuguese duo Sturqen (real names David Arantes and Cesar Rodrigues, from Oporto) for the knowingly excellent label Kvitnu, which cab be reasonably considered a milestone for lovers of power electronics, industrial techno, rhythmic noise and acid sonorities, maybe cannot be considered a fully fledged turning point, […]

Side-Line reviewed Sturqen’s “Survivalismo”

Background/Info: Portuguese duoDavid Arantes – César Rodrigues have already released a few number of albums on Kvitnu. It’s not exactly the most familiar name active in the wider fields of industrial music so every new opus always is an opportunity to gain a wider recognition. Content: The main basis of this album definitely sounds industrial-like. It has […]

Sturqen’s “Survivalismo” is on Secret Thirteen’s best albums of 2018

STURQEN with their album Survivalismo appeared on Secret Thirteen’s best albums of 2018 list   “Like clockwork, Sturqen are back on Kvitnu with another stunning LP, digging deep into their vision of minimal dancefloor racket and slow, brooding cinematics. We like to think of them as the spiritual successors of early Pansonic, developing that relentless […]

Sturqen “Survivalismo” is out!

It’s our 60th release! In a strengthened and familiar sound approach, Sturqen’s new album “Survivalismo” regenerates their core essence: broken rhythms with heavy distortions without the fear of being unpleasant, ruthless acid jams and pulsating dark lights that provide little help to get out of a cold and long tunnel. The thought of any dystopia […]