Toneshift review for Voin Oruwu “Etudes From A Starship”

As Titan opens there’s a spacey shimmer in the sweet theme emerging. A clear, bright journey has been launched by Kiev-based Voin Oruwu (Dmitriy Avksentiev). Between the tones and the gorgeous Mars-like surface textures of the brick-colored coverart (paintings courtesy Dmytro Fedorenko) this is a melodic leap into the space race. The lead track moves fluidly into Rising and then Blur Planet which […]

Chain D.L.K. review for Sturqen “Survivalismo”

Under the genuinely sonic aspect, this new album by Portuguese duo Sturqen (real names David Arantes and Cesar Rodrigues, from Oporto) for the knowingly excellent label Kvitnu, which cab be reasonably considered a milestone for lovers of power electronics, industrial techno, rhythmic noise and acid sonorities, maybe cannot be considered a fully fledged turning point, […]

Side-Line reviewed Sturqen’s “Survivalismo”

Background/Info: Portuguese duoDavid Arantes – César Rodrigues have already released a few number of albums on Kvitnu. It’s not exactly the most familiar name active in the wider fields of industrial music so every new opus always is an opportunity to gain a wider recognition. Content: The main basis of this album definitely sounds industrial-like. It has […]

Side-Line review for Promeni

Background/Info: Ukrainian artist Kateryna Zavoloka is based in Vienna (Austria). She’s already active for several years now and has released a respectable number of Productions. She’s also doing the graphic design for Kvitnu. “Promeni” is a somewhat conceptual album. It’s the fourth and last opus of a series dedicated to the purification by four universe elements. […]

Earshot review for Plaster

Plaster is the alter-ego of Italian experimental electronic musician Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri. Formerly a duo, this is the second album Plaster has released as a solo artist. The music here is underscored by a constant, throbbing electronic drone. It pulses up from silence, dominates the musical landscape, then leaves several frightening minutes later for each track. The music is […]

Polish zine Nowamuzyka reviewed Plaster

Włoski duet poznaliśmy bliżej pięć lat temu, kiedy jego EP-ka ukazała się w serii „Monad” publikowanej przez Stroboscopic Artefacts. W tym czasie Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri i Giuseppe Carlini mieli już dorobku dwa albumy. „Platforms” i „Zyprex 500” wydane przez ukraińską wytwórnię Kvitnu, prowadzoną z powodzeniem od połowy ubiegłej dekady przez producenta ukrywającego się pod pseudonimem […]

Another good review for Mingle’s Ephemeral

“It seems that the inventive Italian sound-maker Andrea Gastaldello, the real name of the man behind the Mingle curtains, picks single adjectives to describe the “property” of the tracks he embeds in his releases. It’s just a personal impression and it’s valid only for the stuff he dropped on Ukrainian label Kvitnu. The first output, […]