“Crystylys” – first audio-visual DVD release on Kvitnu is out!

Few weeks ago we presented to you digital pre-release of upcoming audio-visual multi-format DVD by new Kvitnu artist Binmatu. Extremely abstract psycho acoustic work received a lot of attention already on it’s preview stage. Later we teased you with short preview video from this DVD. And today we can proudly announce that “Crystylys” is finally …

New pre-release and new artist on Kvitnu

Today we have a pre-release day for a new album CRYSTYLYS by new Kvitnu artist from Slovakia – BINMATU. BINMATU is a project of Jonas Gruska. Born in Czechoslovakia. You might already know Jonas by our last year’s release “Kallista” where he participated as sound research partner. Jonas works both with computers and machines. He …

“Zyprex 500” relaunched!

For controlling your bipolar disorders we have a drug called “ZYPREX 500” which was synthesized by PLASTER labs in 2011. And now, in the end of 2012, here is a new, much stronger edition of that synthetic remedy – a tablet within a new silver shell filled with remastered ingredients. Relaunch and refill! https://kvitnu.com/releases/kvitnu15.html  


Today we have one more release relaunched on Kvitnu – V4W.ENKO “CVXD+E” https://kvitnu.com/releases/kvitnu12.html Originally released in 2010. Superb minimalistic abstract work from Kyiv based Max/MSP master Eugen Vashchenko. Now available for purchase in our holidays discount store https://kvitnu.com/shop/CD/View-all-products.html