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Cyclic Defrost reviewed “Platforms”

Plaster (Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri and Giuseppe Carlini) have previously supported Alva Noto, Ryoji Ikeda and Frank Bretschneider, clearly influences on the Rome-based duo. Platforms, their second album, stands up well alongside Raster Noton releases, their gritty refined hiss, clicks and subbass thumps most closely reminiscent of Raster Noton regular Senking.

Austrian magazine SKUG about “Platforms”

Nimmt man die CD-Hülle in die Hand, dann lässt sie sich nicht auf herkömmliche Weise öffnen. Man muss zuerst den hinteren Teil links nach vorne klappen und daraufhin den Teil, den man in der rechten Hand hält über die diagonale Hälfte ein wenig entfalten und dann diametral gegen die der ersten entgegen liegende Diagonale ziehen, …

New release, new artist – PLASTER “ZYPREX 500”!

Kvitnu meets spring with a 15th release and a new artist in our family! We are pround to have amazing duo from Italy Plaster with their first full length work on our label. Their first work is called “Zyprex 500” and consist of 6 tracks of extremely complex, multilayered and very intelligent psychedelic music. Plaster …