Kvitnu – the end

Today we present you our very last and final release. Yes, Kvitnu is being closed. Our amazing World is developing and changing extremely fast and intensively. And so are we, as an organic and integral part of it.  What time is better for a radical change than during such a great turmoil we all are […]

Zavoloka made a new Kvitnu podcast

Released by our good friends Eclectique. Tracklist:01. Muslimgauze “Salaam Alekum, Bastard”, Kvitnu 202002. Mingle “Shove”, Kvitnu 201903. Zavoloka “Sontse | Сонце”, Kvitnu 201804. Plaster “Harden”, Kvitnu 201905. Sturqen “Rito”, Kvitnu 201806. Pan Sonic “5’41’’”, Kvitnu 202007. Kotra “Lement 3””, Kvitnu 202008. Zavoloka “Promeni | Промені”, Kvitnu 201809. Ujif_notfound “L.L.”, Kvitnu 201910. Muslimgauze “Dome Of The […]

Plaster “Recall” – new release is out today!

Plaster’s new Ep Recall, marks the return to the hypnotic rhythms and intense drums compositions. After a brief excursus through experimental drone and ambient music Plaster unveils two brands new tracks of organic and immersive textured sounds. Using mostly hardware synthesizers and digital samplers, Recall stands out from past releases for the cadenced use of […]

Neural review Plaster “Transition”

Released by Kvitnu, Transition is the new studio album by Plaster, a moniker hiding the real name of Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri (earlier in a duo with Giuseppe Carlini). Transition shows a different approach from the past: more minimal and concrete, thanks to the use in the compositions of analogue and hardware sets, on the edge with inspired […]

Earshot review for Plaster

Plaster is the alter-ego of Italian experimental electronic musician Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri. Formerly a duo, this is the second album Plaster has released as a solo artist. The music here is underscored by a constant, throbbing electronic drone. It pulses up from silence, dominates the musical landscape, then leaves several frightening minutes later for each track. The music is […]

Another review for Plaster’s “Transition”

“I’ve been a longtime fan of Plaster’s work: it’s usually dark and brooding with a harsh industrial edge that I really like. The occasional times when light breaks into the gloom benefit from still having an edge to their treatment. Here are some examples that show what I mean: Component and Intersection from Platforms (2011). […]

The Arts Desk review for Transition

Plaster‘s “Transition” is one original, noisy bastard that deals out head-nodding rising’n’falling patterns of electronic squall which bubble up from its depths like rumbling ill-defined threat. It’s cataclysmic music, dark, but within its buzzing tones and clattering, there’s much going on, some of it even melodic. Plaster was once a duo but, since 2015, has […]