MUSLIMGAUZE “SALAAM ALEKUM, BASTARD”, vinyl records arrived and we have both physical mediums in our hands to call a release date and start shipping! Vinyl and CD’s both sound and look massive! Covers were printed with bronze/black duotone and have a feeling of an old metal. Remastered sound is really intense. Available as 2xLP and CD, both limited […]

Zavoloka made a new Kvitnu podcast

Released by our good friends Eclectique. Tracklist:01. Muslimgauze “Salaam Alekum, Bastard”, Kvitnu 202002. Mingle “Shove”, Kvitnu 201903. Zavoloka “Sontse | Сонце”, Kvitnu 201804. Plaster “Harden”, Kvitnu 201905. Sturqen “Rito”, Kvitnu 201806. Pan Sonic “5’41’’”, Kvitnu 202007. Kotra “Lement 3””, Kvitnu 202008. Zavoloka “Promeni | Промені”, Kvitnu 201809. Ujif_notfound “L.L.”, Kvitnu 201910. Muslimgauze “Dome Of The […]

We have another special release coming up this spring

MUSLIMGAUZE “SALAAM ALEKUM, BASTARD” It was not so long time ago in history of modern music, when influence of musicians on society was tectonic. When artist’s statement or position could impact the political situation in a country or sometimes even worldwide. When secret services like KGB, Mossad or CIA would consider some musicians as […]

Muslimgauze on Kvitnu as our 61st release!

Today we have a very special release on Kvitnu. Ideas to add this artist to our catalogue were in our heads since the beginning. And we’ve been preparing it for quite a long time. Now it’s here, the one and only Muslimgauze with his brilliant work Eleven Minarets. Release is available in two versions: 2xLP and […]