-40% Summer Sale

-40% SUMMER SALE! Starting today and until the autumn takes us, we give you -40% discount on everything in our shop: physical products, digital downloads, artists packs and t-shirts. Just use code word – rozkvit – on check-out to get your discount. But it is not all! In addition to this discount, every physical order will have a […]

Kvitnu on PoleGroup radio

Oscar Mulero’s PoleGroup Radio presents Kvitnu as a part of a Brain Network series with a set by Dmytro Fedorenko, owner of the label Kvitnu. Set contains tracks (including some unreleased material) by Sturqen, Zavoloka, Plaster, Mingle, Kotra, Mauri, Isolat Pattern, Asolaar, Pan sonic, Ujif_notfound and Garaliya. Tracklist: 1. Mingle – Words 2. Zavoloka – Syngonia […]

Mauri is on Rivet Selections this month

While a lot of “electronica” related music struggles to keep my attention, Kvitnu seems fixed on the dirtier and more rhythmic part of the spectrum which is just the right way to grab my interest. Mauri from Gijón (Spain) might very well be influenced by fellow Spaniard and industrial legend Esplendor Geometrico, because this shit […]

Kvitnu at Secret Thirteen Spotlight

Here’s new Kvitnu mix on Secret Thirteen Spotlight with many new tracks from upcoming releases from Sturqen, Plaster, Matter, Kotra, Mingle and Ujif_notfound, as well as some already known pieces by Binmatu, Vitor Joaquim, Isolat Pattern, Mauri, Zavoloka, VNDL and v4w.enko. Kvitnu – Secret Thirteen Spotlight by Secret Thirteen on Mixcloud If you want to […]

KVITNU 38 is out!

And again new name in our catalogue. Spanish producer form Gijón – Mauri – and his mini album “Sweep Generators”. MAURI – Sweep Generators Weird. Nervous. Unstable. Offbeat and tight shuffling rhythms with bizarre melodic patterns. Surreal psychedelic sonic tensions with some touch of a irritable post-industrial attitude. Rough uncomfortable songs for radical eccentric music lovers.  […]

First review for Mauri

Mauri’s “Sweep Generators” is a terrifying vision of the future. Distortion rules supreme over these compositions. Nothing stands still. Constantly in a state of flux the sounds scurry across the aural landscapes leaving barely a trace behind. Propelled by a greater sense of urgency these are hysterical pieces. Lots and lots of texture color the […]