Today Kvitnu turns 7

Today Kvitnu turns 7 years. It was a good year for us, wild and with big plans for future. We don’t celebrate much these days, because our country is in revolution. We wish you powerful music and free spirit! Stay strong! Kvitnu p.s. Pan Sonic is planned to be out in the end of January.


On 20th of December we will celebrate Kvitnu’s birthday. We are two years old! live performances from Zavoloka, Kotra, Dunaewsky69, v4w.enko, .at/on, Nikolaienko and DJ sets from Othervoice, Binghi, Amistad + all-night installation of I.M. Table from our friends Front Pictures. Place: Cinema club, 20th of December, Saturday. Party starts at 23:00, and ends at …