Kotra “Cicada” is out today!

Please welcome our new release
  KOTRA “CICADA” Lost and forgotten album from the founder of Kvitnu, conserved and fermented in digital archives for unknown cycles. Passed the time test and reawakened back to light. Razor-sharp dance songs from the buried underground squeezed between raw tension impulses of abstract irritated sound harmonies. Acute pressure of moving concrete sonic forms and […]

New reactions from FFM about Kvitnu and new Kotra album

Were one obliged to conduct an (ultimately pointless) argument over the finest label in Eastern Europe, a prime contender would nonetheless emerge from the streets of Kiev: Kvitnu. Founded eleven years ago by Dmytro Fedorenko, Kvitnu was designed from the outset both “to amplify experimental noises emanating from Ukraine and to discover new sonic variations […]

-40% Summer Sale

-40% SUMMER SALE! Starting today and until the autumn takes us, we give you -40% discount on everything in our shop: physical products, digital downloads, artists packs and t-shirts. Just use code word – rozkvit – on check-out to get your discount. But it is not all! In addition to this discount, every physical order will have a […]

Kvitnu on PoleGroup radio

Oscar Mulero’s PoleGroup Radio presents Kvitnu as a part of a Brain Network series with a set by Dmytro Fedorenko, owner of the label Kvitnu. Set contains tracks (including some unreleased material) by Sturqen, Zavoloka, Plaster, Mingle, Kotra, Mauri, Isolat Pattern, Asolaar, Pan sonic, Ujif_notfound and Garaliya. Tracklist: 1. Mingle – Words 2. Zavoloka – Syngonia […]

Superb review for Kotra “Rozviy” by Luna Kafe

We took on Kotra’s (a.k.a. Dmytro Fedorenko) Reset some seven years ago, and we have checked out some of the collaborative projects with Kotra involved. Yes, Kotra is the moniker for Ukrainian sound-artist and the founder of the Kvitnu label, Dmytro Fedorenko. Kotra is Fedorenko’s main sound-art project. Since the late 90s, Kotra’s released some […]

Chain D.L.K. also reviewed recent Kotra​’s work

Dmytro Fedorenko aka Kotra is the founder and the main mastermind behind the excellent Ukrainian label Kvitnu, which is keeping on spreading interesting specimen of experimental electronics by meansof a selection of stuff and superbly crafted pieces of music, which, according to label’s own description, “concetrates on sound and ideas with a high blood pressure […]

Kotra reviewed by Pinkushion

Kotra est le pseudonyme du musicien ukrainien Dmytro Federenko qui est à l’origine du label Kvitnu dédié au sound art et où il publie son dernier opus, Rozviy. Au label Kvitnu on doit, parmi d’autres albums de qualité, la dernière performance live enregistrée en 2009 du duo Pan Sonic juste avant leur séparation, Oksatsus, sorti […]