Indie Rock Mag about our birthday release

Les patrons de Kvitnu fêtent les 12 ans du label sur ce split EP aux rouleaux-compresseurs post-techno ténébreux. En offrant à prix libre ce deux-titres de techno tribale et dystopique, les fondateurs de Kvitnu, Kotra et Zavoloka (également aux manettes du projet Cluster Lizard dont l’énorme Prophecy a marqué notre année électro) font d’une pierre […]

Today Kvitnu turns 12 years!

And we have a special celebration release for you. KOTRA | ZAVOLOKA “XII” You can download this EP absolutely for free, or pre-order a very limited edition of a 7″ record, which will be made in 12 copies only. Release page: EP on our Bandcamp shop: Happy holidays!  

Toneshift indepth review for Freigeist

The record opens with the writhing waves of The Capital Of Death – Contorted City on Kotra‘s new album Freigeist. Dmytro Fedorenko, the Vienna-based Ukranian artist/producer who co-runs the fantastic Kvitnu label has been bending sounds like these since the early 90’s – but here he’s on to something more subtly cerebral than ever. The […]

Structures, Systems and Spheres

Kotra is Dmytro Fedorenko, Ukranian hero and prolific producer of own brand of minimisto-agresso electronica. Continues to operate the Kvitnu label, only now doing it from Austria instead of home country I believe. We’ve been digging these Kvitnu steel-belted thumpers for many years now, and even if not every one is a gem, there is a […]

Freigeist: a throbbing, pulsing power electronics album demanding (and taking over) all your attention

Kotra is the main art / music project of Ukrainian musician / producer / promoter Dmytro Fedorenko whose career in music stretches back to the early 1990s. Fedorenko started Kotra in 1998 and since then has built up a sizable discography. “Freigeist” is Kotra’s most recent release, having come out in January this year – […]

Vital Weekly reviewed Freigeist:

“It seems as if Dmytro Fedorenko is more active as Kotra than before. Following his solo release ‘Cicada’, reviewed in Vital Weekly 1104 and his collaboration with Edward Sol (Vital Weekly 1111) there is yet another new solo release called ‘Freigeist’. Quite a short release, lasting just under thirty minutes, but maybe that is because […]