Kvitnu – the end

Today we present you our very last and final release. Yes, Kvitnu is being closed. Our amazing World is developing and changing extremely fast and intensively. And so are we, as an organic and integral part of it.  What time is better for a radical change than during such a great turmoil we all are […]

We have a new release today!

KOTRA “NAMIR”https://kvitnu.bandcamp.com/album/namirThis one is from the label’s founder Dmytro Fedorenko. Seven massive growling technoise pieces of industrial poetry. This album is a story of a never-ending change, travels and intense discoveries. Music stretched in time, compressed, polished and distilled through immerse overloads.

Zavoloka made a new Kvitnu podcast

Released by our good friends Eclectique. Tracklist:01. Muslimgauze “Salaam Alekum, Bastard”, Kvitnu 202002. Mingle “Shove”, Kvitnu 201903. Zavoloka “Sontse | Сонце”, Kvitnu 201804. Plaster “Harden”, Kvitnu 201905. Sturqen “Rito”, Kvitnu 201806. Pan Sonic “5’41’’”, Kvitnu 202007. Kotra “Lement 3””, Kvitnu 202008. Zavoloka “Promeni | Промені”, Kvitnu 201809. Ujif_notfound “L.L.”, Kvitnu 201910. Muslimgauze “Dome Of The […]

Today is a punk day on Kvitnu!

And we bring you our 69th release! KOTRA “LEMENT” This is a reissue of a very first album of Kotra, which was created back in 1998 and was originally released in 1999 on a cassette by notorious Kyiv’s label Moon Records. It was one of the first releases of experimental noise electronic music in Ukraine. […]

Today Kvitnu turns 13 years!

And this time we decided to make a quite unusual release for our birthday. In September 2019 Ukrainian singer and veteran of Russian-Ukrainian war Анастасія Шевченко (Anastasiia Shevchenko) (Стасік / Stasik) released her song “Lullaby for the enemy”. The frankness and true radicality of this song amazed us, and immediately after the video for this […]