-40% Summer Sale

-40% SUMMER SALE! Starting today and until the autumn takes us, we give you -40% discount on everything in our shop: physical products, digital downloads, artists packs and t-shirts. Just use code word – rozkvit – on check-out to get your discount. But it is not all! In addition to this discount, every physical order will have a […]

Kvitnu on PoleGroup radio

Oscar Mulero’s PoleGroup Radio presents Kvitnu as a part of a Brain Network series with a set by Dmytro Fedorenko, owner of the label Kvitnu. Set contains tracks (including some unreleased material) by Sturqen, Zavoloka, Plaster, Mingle, Kotra, Mauri, Isolat Pattern, Asolaar, Pan sonic, Ujif_notfound and Garaliya. Tracklist: 1. Mingle – Words 2. Zavoloka – Syngonia […]

New review for Asolaar’s “Interceptor”

Had Suicide successfully evolved from the seventies it might have become Asolaar’s “Interceptor”. Asolaar wastes absolutely no time in setting the physical borderline violent atmospheres. Similar to Pan Sonic’s harsh work, Asolaar tends to work in the lower rumbles of sound making it felt as much as heard. Bass frequencies are phenomenal for the collection. […]

Neural about Asolaar’s “Interceptor”

Back on the scene is Argentinian experimenter Asolaar. Last year, he released an album on Metaphysik, but this latest work has been produced by Kvitnu, a Ukrainian label founded by Dmytro Fedorenko (Kotra), which has focussed on different branches of experimental electronic music. Interceptor comprises ten stinging, raw, dynamic tracks. The textures are very physical […]

SeekSickSound reviewed Interceptor

Depuis 2006, le label ukrainien Kvitnu (Plaster, Sturqen, et même récemment Pan Sonic) est l’un des fers de lance de l’électronique avant-gardiste en Europe orientale. Il enfonce une fois de plus le clou avec cette sortie de l’argentin Asolaar, sur laquelle le dépouillement radical de tout artifice se fait au profit d’un jeu sans fin […]

Dagheisha about Asolaar

Ho scoperto il talento di Dario Pinto Calvis tramite le Vacu Sessions che periodicamente mi vengono girate dalla Kvitnu e poi, recuperando in rete ‘Obliterate’ ed i mini album ‘Grimace’ e ‘Vellocet’ mi sono reso conto delle sue enormi potenzialità. Nella sua proposta vivono due dimensioni parallele, probabilmente non si incontreranno mai ma nulla è […]

New release “Interceptor” by new artist Asolaar!

Today we have a new release and new artist! ASOLAAR “INTERCEPTOR” Honest, raw, beautiful and powerful noise document from new Kvitnu artist Asolaar from Argentina. Ten tracks of pure pulsating energy, formed into precise sharp edged structures. Accurate harsh minimalism with highly explosive attitude. This release is going to be a strong addition to a […]

Preview upcoming Kvitnu release by Asolaar

Listen to previews of upcoming Kvitnu release by Asolaar called “Interceptor” Honest, raw, beautiful and powerful noise document from new Kvitnu artist from Argentina. This release is going to be a strong addition to a “heavy wing” of Kvitnu sound, standing next to Sturqen, Matter, Kotra and Pan Sonic. To be released as CD and […]