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Sturqen "Peste" (kvitnu10)

Peste means Plague in Portuguese.
This is a new work by our industrial techno ascetics from Porto! Six tracks EP with more distorted beats, sharp killing micro “melodies”, and heavy¬† raw energy of minimal noise aesthetics. Great leap forward and continuation in their music’s thin line and a next step before new full length work.

Preview tracks on release page: https://kvitnu.com/releases/kvitnu10.html
Buy digital download in our shop: https://kvitnu.com/shop/MP3-Downloads/Sturqen-Peste-mp3-320-kbps.html

With our 10th release we decided to start a new story on Kvitnu. In addition to our CD releases we are about to start releasing digital only works from our artists. Those digital downloads will come up as EPs mostly, and much more frequently than CDs.

And physical releases are not going to disappear of course, not at all. Just small stories should fill vacuum between our big full length novels..

Expect new digital releases from all Kvitnu alchemists very soon!