Background/Info: Voin Oruwu is a project driven by Dmitriy Avksentiev.  “Etudes From A Starship” seems to be the second album by the artist. The work has been inspired by astral themes.

Content: The album invites the listener to join a fantasy universe created by the simple power of music. This music is clearly ambient- and cinematographic-like, but also dark and mysterious. The tracks are diversified and sometimes feature surprising passages such as “Decay Instability” for its furious bass line sequence and “Acid Clavi 2110”, which sounds as being composed by an acid harpsichord.

+ + + : The diversity of the work is quite interesting as most of listeners will for sure find one or more compelling cuts. I especially like the darker cuts and the ones featuring noticeable sound treatments. I here want to tip the previously mentioned “Acid Clavi 2110” but also “Ceremony” for its subtle crystalline-like sound touches. I also have to say a word about the sober, but great artistic digipak. This is an aspect of the production Kvitnu takes particularly care of.

– – – : I don’t always find cohesion between all the tracks. It sometimes gives me the impression of tracks coming from different bands or having been composed at different periods.

Conclusion: Music is an invitation to dream and this reverie sensation has been perfectly executed by Voin Oruwu.