Brutal to its very core is the distortion-laden textures of Sturqen’s “Cura”. Over the course of the album Sturqen goes for a peculiar take on digital haze. The beats are ferocious as they destroy everything in their path. Even when there is no beat to be found the emotional heft of the sound itself is more than sufficient. Reminiscent of the early industrial-punk synthesis of Suicide with the precision of Alva Noto mixed in the album refuses to let up, growing in size and scope. Even at its quietest, the album refuses to ease up on the levels of tension that define the atmospheres. Best listened to as a whole, the way that Sturqen has let these pieces evolve and play off of each other is quite impressive. Akin to a swirling sea of chaos intermingled with dark industrial ambience, the sound is all-consuming.

Starting things out with radar pings and jagged edges is “Coronel” whose groove pulverizes everything in its path. Far more spacious in nature is the eerie “Systema”. Akin to Pan Sonic at its usage of space is the painterly performance of “Passaros”. Uncomfortable and anxious in tone is the unease of “Ghilas”. A sense of play defines the subdued melodies of “Fobos”. The strange and spacious “Ptomaina” settles into a peculiar kind of rhythm. Closing the album off on a high note is the high energy rush of “Asteroide”.

Sturqen’s “Cura” is a physical force to be reckoned with.