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Kaeba ‎"Synthetic Ice Cream [For Droids]" (kvitnu 25)


Kaeba aka Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri from Rome is not new to people who listen to the high blood pressure music from Kvitnu, together with Giuseppe Carlini he forms the duo Plaster that has two releases under their belt on Kvitnu. And now Gianclaudio has released his first solo release under his alias Kaeba on this very fine label. Kaeba has a previous release on Farmacia901 but this new release is something completely different and the sound of him for the future.

This EP works as well on the dancefloor as in a lounge with it’s moves and grooves, the first track “Hazelnut & Capacitors Cream” with i’s straight forward rhythm, white noise tinged pads, sawtooth bass sound together with a muffled bell could be the start or an end of a great night out.

“Coil Melon & Microchips” starts of with a rhythm sound that pans left and right like a ping pong ball during a game while riding the cutoff frequency on a sinus wave, then Kaeba adds some more nifty syncopations and the track is on a roll and the break is just the way i sometimes like it, short and concise.

The last track “Transistors Strawberry” with it’s slow paced rhythm and click sounds that tick and tock in total harmony with the short stab sound that sometimes rides up and up on the frequencies to add some tension is a very nice closing of this very well produced 3 track EP.

After working for three years with Plasters more architectural soundscape Gianclaudio has here gone with the flow and let the sounds guide him towards a more organic creation. And that has added some warmth to it as well as playfulness…