“Exoterrism and C_C join forces on this sonic avalanche of dense and dubby discordance. Described as “noise poetry of distorted sonic perfection,” Kvitnu elaborate once again on the fundamental properties of extreme abstract electronics—Laboyatta being the latest nine-track collage. All manner of broken machinery is transformed into engorged chaos. “Dub1” delivers this message effectively as acid squelching sounds uniformly break apart into pseudo-techno form. “Song1” is seemingly a distant cousin—gravitating gritty bass above a crumpled audiogram template. Elsewhere you’ll be hard-pressed to find any form of calm. “Up” manipulates minimal frequency bursts into a chaotic technoid AFX-like distraction. Laboyatta mines through the art of variation—that is to say it highlights pairs and even triplet tracks that appear to be altered and fractured remnants of each other. A highlight in the world of modular dub-scrapping sound effects and severely disjointed mechanical hypnosis.”