Catalogue# : KVITNU 60
Released: 17.10.2018
Formats: CD / Digital download

In a strengthened and familiar sound approach, Sturqen’s new album “Survivalismo” regenerates their core essence: broken rhythms with heavy distortions without the fear of being unpleasant, ruthless acid jams and pulsating dark lights that provide little help to get out of a cold and long tunnel.

The thought of any dystopia is frightening. How to get through a reality that promotes a continuous epilepsy of stimulus? In a confusing and disordered world, it’s time to fight back and react.

Music and artwork by Sturqen.
Mastering by Zavoloka.

1. Aranha (00:56)
2. Nervos (04:44)
3. Rito (05:50)
4. Nuz (03:02)
5. Adaga (02:54)
6. Novag (03:52)
7. Minar (05:25)
8. Torso (01:43)
9. Hegel (02:36)
10. Energia (08:21)