Catalogue#: KVITNU 58
Released: 29.05.2018
Formats: CD / Digital download

Lethargic novel taken from a blackened dream.
Noir mosaic moves of ancient thunder.
Free tremor dance, delirious and euphoric meditation.
Inhaling shiver wails, exhaling placid grieve.
A voice in time of everywhere and never.

Amantra: Synths & FX
Submerged: Sheng, Dombra, Virus KC
Engineered by nem0 at Red Site I #RDSTI
Mixed & Mastered By Thierry Arnal
Picture By Yves Huerne
Design by Zavoloka

01. And Then We Started To Disappear (18:11)
02. Because We Don’t Need To Breath Anymore (17:40)