Catalogue#: KVITNU 56
Released: 17.01.2018
Formats: LP /CD / Digital download

Freigeist is a diary of a travel and observation, journal of an opening of new territories and asking new questions. Story of accepting and denying, allowing and forcing, crossing lines and letting go, pushing and breaking.

Freigeist is an adventure to unacceptable and strange, a notebook of waking up and dreaming.

Freigeist is an open fire and free flying.

Music and paintings by Kotra.
Recorded in Vienna and Kyiv during August 2016.
Mixed at Sound Laboratory Semperdepot, Vienna.

Design by Zavoloka.
Mastered by Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri.

1. The Capital Of Death – Contorted City
2. Inhaling A Black Fog
3. Acid Walk On A Boiling Tar
4. Synthesized Cocktails Dream
5. Morning Hypertension Anthem