Catalogue#: KVITNU 53
Released: 30.11.2017
Formats: 12″ vinyl / Digital download

A short story of two gentlemen traveling in a car to a riot streets with a trunk full of explosives, gas masks and other special goods, discussing wether they should take a sharp old axe with them or not.

In Ukrainian Sokyra means hatchet or axe.

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Music composed by Kotra from original sound material created by Edward Sol.
Mastered by C-drik at Syrphe.
Artwork by Empty House.

A1. Перша Сокира / First Axe (5:20)
A2. Друга Сокира / Second Axe (7:31)
B1. Третя Сокира / Third Axe (7:22)
B2. Четверта Сокира / Fourth Axe (5:10)