Catalogue# : KVITNU 45
Released: 03.06.2016
Formats: CD / Digital download

Cura (cure in English), suggests treatment, remedy, the process of restoration of a sick organism, an unbalanced being. If a recovery process exists, the question then lies in discovering the problem, the treatment for which may be found in searching for a balance that controls the interior of the organism or in the regulating processes that bring order to an installed chaos.

Cura is a negation of such a problem; a negation of the negation that suppresses that which is strange to a healthy system. Cura is an act of healthy violence.

In this album, Sturqen’s sonority explores this violence, where the sound lives off such hardness that attracts because it is ugly, raw and often unpredictable. Just like a treatment, Sturqens’ experiment depends on the listener voluntarily submitting to some discomfort. The result arises with no second opportunities.

The music could be both the mystery or the definitive answer. In the bipolarity of such sound intensities emerges a surprisingly seductive pulsating sensation. It is the vicissitude of disorder. With some powerful 52 minutes, Cura is Sturqen’s most diverse album until now. A journey through grimy machines that also produce vivid colors and rough textures where, in the end, you realize that the organic world isn’t that far from or incompatible with the mechanical severity that someone would think to be unbreakable.

Music and artwork by Sturqen.
Mixing assistant – Joana Rodrigues.

01. Coronel (04:40)
02. Systema (06:16)
03. Kivi (05:47)
04. Passaros (04:20)
05. Cavani (03:00)
06. Ghilas (03:44)
07. Fobos (05:00)
08. Ptomaina (04:50)
09. Medusa (04:38)
10. Navegador (04:50)
11. Asteroide (04:45)