Catalogue# : KVITNU 4
Released: 25.12.2007
Formats: CD / Digital download

Graph-or-rhe-a (n.)
The writing of long lists of meaningless words, as occurs in some manic disorders.

…the creativity of users across all kinds of platforms, from digital folklore, creative and liberating practices of everyday life, subcultural expressivity, and graphorrhea to artistic production, is capable of producing ‘original’ results, especially if certain human-technical decisions help channel the process…

Dmytro Fedorenko – track constructions and arrangements, bass, drums programming, synthetics.
Andrey Kiritchenko – computer, acoustic guitar, field recordings.
Tobias Astrom – feedback/effects, manipulated recordings of long lost cities/memories.
Jeff Surak – autoharp, microcassettes, processing.
Mastering by Dmytro Volkov.
Cover by Ruslan Palamarchuk.

1. Tesseract Of Distrust
2. Wail Absorption
3. Scud Twitcher
4. Cheerful Nimiety
5. Wrath Rationale
6. Rapture Periods
7. Sine Verbiage
8. Sonic Brood
9. Mind Opacity
10. Linear Fear
11. The Prime Seed
12. The Place Below End
13. The Truce