Catalogue# : KVITNU 35
Released: 27.09.2014
Formats: CD / Digital download

Recorded in Warsaw in late 2012, The Norman Conquest and Andi Stecher came together to work on their first album quite spontaneously after sharing a tour in Europe with their individual projects. Through the common idea of creating dark, abstract, and beat-driven pieces, Varsovia began to take shape. The outcome is multi-layered drums mingling with deep and dark synth lines destined to send the listener into the stratosphere and beyond. While the first 5 Tracks are more “song oriented”, (with Agnes Szelag as a special guest on 2 tracks), the last piece “La Universo estas Atomo” is a side length sound voyage. Influenced by the look and feel of the city of Warsaw in late November, The Norman Conquest and Andi Stecher spent a few intense days in the studio sculpting this multi-dimensional album. It is an epic work, reflecting their common ground and travels through this intense and interconnected world.

Music by Malfinia Ensemblo

Andi Stecher – drums, percussion & composition.

The Norman Conquest – analog synthesizers, electric bass, electric cello, charango, composition, recording, sound manipulation, mixing & mastering.

Agnes Szelag – vocals & electronics (tracks 2 & 3).

Artwork by Zavoloka.

1. Mensa Lavango
2. Lumo
3. Fulmo
4. Eĥo
5. Malfinia Ondo
6. La Universo Estas Atomo