Catalogue# : KVITNU 3
Released: 30.11.2007
Formats: CD / Digital download

Purification by Four Elements.
With this release Zavoloka starts series of albums that will be connected to every Universe Element: Air, Water, Fire and Earth.

Purification by Air Element:
Inhale, Exhale.

“Viter” means “Wind” in Ukrainian and this CD is dedicated to the Air element. Inhale Air, exhale Universe, be Universe, unite with Universe. This is first rite to the purification and self-actualization. Universe is waiting for us to change ourselves. First of all we should understand ourselves and to feel the Truth inside us and everywhere. Lead your feelings and emotions, influence your condition. Human being is integral part of the Universe. Universe is magical.

Zavoloka invented warm clear melodies and structures played by violin and contrabass to create airy, windy, kind, ethereal, hearty and soulful music.
Design of cover artwork, packing was inspired by the evening sky – bright, warm yellow, amber lines on deep blue background.

Music composed and constructed by Zavoloka.
Performers: Olga Patramanska on violin, Anton Zhukov on contrabass.
Ukrainian traditional vocal by Dania Chekun.
Some sounds were recorded at INA-GRM studio on old analogue “Coupigny” synthesizer.
Mastering by Dmytro Volkov.
Cover design by Zavoloka.

1. Inhale
2. Exhale
3. Inhale
4. Exhale
5. Inhale
6. Exhale
7. Inhale