Catalogue# : KVITNU 29
Released: 17.04.2013
Formats: 12″ vinyl LP / Digital download

Biorhexistasy named by the “Biorhexistasy theory” – which describes the climatic conditions required for periods of soil formation divided by erosion’s cycles.

Biorhexistasy is a metaphor concerning modalities through which particular conditions are formed, the periods that exists between these conditions and their relations, forming an alteration, a mutation, a change.

The album gets into focus the methods through which a certain phase is put in place for the implementation of a change going by the substance alteration. The mutation could be considered in a wider meaning than the geological one – social, psychological or physical.

Music by Fabrizio Matrone.
Recorded in 2012 at Chorridor studio.
Mastering by C-drík at Syrphe.
Artwork by Zavoloka.

1. Surface (03:16)
2. Layers (05:12)
3. Phases (05:02)
4. Biostasy (05:05)
5. Dominance (03:06)
6. Exposure (06:43)
7. Attrition (06:48)
8. Sub Soil (01:38)
9. Grain (06:49)