Catalogue# : KVITNU 20
Released: 14.11.2011
Formats: CD / Digital download

“Platforms” aims to introduce a subconscious journey through the flow of its music. Each track is a platform, which when related to life represents a point where you can stop or start again.
A Journey constellated by passages of blurred visions painted by black masses, layered side sceneries, slow movements which constantly give the sensation of being translated into something dark and deep.

Music composed and engineered by Plaster.
Recorded at Obscure Reflection Room.
Mastered at Antilights Mixmaster.
Voice on Double Connection is a sentence from the book “The Power Of Now” by Eckhart Tolle and is interpreted by Christina Gasparetto.
Cover layout by Fabrizio Garramone.
Designed by Zavoloka.

1. Parallel Segment
2. Component
3. Structure
4. Iperstatic
5. Intersection
6. Double Connection
7. Rearline
8. Trasversal