Catalogue# : KVITNU 19
Released: 03.10.2011
Formats: CD / Digital download

Our daily life is being more and more polluted with fast and short messages. What is not intense and sharp has no effectiveness. The sense of belonging and timeless breathe is more and more away from us. We live in a world full of information and in risk of permanent ignorance. We are not aloud to stay, breath, and keep staying. We are constantly pushed toward something. Whatever it is something vital for us, or absolutely nonsense. It’s a time where only short sentences can be effective. It’s the time of buzzwords and sound bites. A time where’s devotion is being displaced from every gesture that we do. All is reduced to a task, all must be easy and logical.

Filament is a silent scream against this massacre of intensity and constant pulse coming from out of us. We still have our hearts to feel what beat is, and what beat means. We don’t need to push ourselves to the edge of ourselves at every moment. Time needs to recover he’s own time. Filament is my answer to that question. An answer that is not linear, not sharp, not short, not fast, not easy. An answer that is all the contrary, having the ear and the listening as a corridor for a better understanding of the world and ourselves. Filament is complex, extended, nonlinear and concentrated on the detail. Like life in itself.

Music composed and performed by Vitor Joaquim.
Design by Zavoloka.

1. Filaments And Voids
2. Filaments And Walls
3. Filament
4. Filaments Of Conformity
5. Filaments Of Devotion