Catalogue# : KVITNU 1
Released: 25.12.2006
Formats: CD / Digital download

24 swinging and jazzing tracks that sound quite different from each artists solo works. Explosive broken beats, slow motioned melodies, raw uncutted pieces – more than two years of improvising and constructing in one release. Bass, empty vinyl player, blank CD matrixes, voice and other machines. Swinged and jammed in Kyiv mostly during summer and autumn of year 2006, also in winter and spring of 2005.

Music by Kotra & Zavoloka.
Mastered by Dmytro Volkov.
Artwork by Zavoloka.

1. Out Of Nowhere
2. Uneven Walk
3. A Taste Of Live Life
4. Analogue Tender
5. Spacy Drift
6. Mountain River
7. Swing You, Swing Me
8. Silver Poem
9. Black Gold
10. Moonlight In Mirror
11. Hidden Fields
12. Earth Currents
13. Breath Of Sky
14. The Sun Bells
15. Long Story Short
16. Tossed Torch
17. Moments Of Springroove
18. Night Fly Lamp Dance
19. Verse Player
20. Water Chords
21. Bass Serenade
22. Cream Skimmer
23. Forget About It!
24. Wag The Puppy