Please welcome our new release – PLASTER “TRANSITION”

‘Transition’ is the new studio album from experimental electronic producer Plaster. With less emphasis on complex sound design, Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri (aka Plaster) has taken a more minimal approach using only analogue gear and hardware in mostly live and improvised compositions. The result is a profoundly moving piece of industrial sonics, full of depth and emotion and a perfect soundtrack to the uncertain state we find ourselves in today.

“This album comes from a different perspective of Plaster’s past works in terms of emotions and sounds. My aim was to reduce the amount of complexity in order to maintain the tracks simple but effective. I wanted to be close to the people in daily life. Most of the tracks are pure improvisations using analog synths and hardware, there’s no additional editing or post-production adopting the way of thinking ‘Less Is More’.”

Written, Performed and Engineered by Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri
Graphics and artwork concept by Dmytro Fedorenko
Artwork by Zavoloka

Available as 12″ silver vinyl, CD and digital download.

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