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Sturqen "Colera" (kvitnu17)

Sturqen “Colera”
Kvitnu 17, Digital download

We are proud to bring you the new work of our extreme experimental techno diamonds from Porto – Sturqen. This time is a three track work called Colera, which brings you a new anarchist exploration of sound with uncontrollable desire to lose control.

1. Corfu (13:00)
2. Nova Kenya (10:05)
3. Wasabi (3:53)

Preview release and listen to Colera here: https://kvitnu.com/releases/kvitnu17.html
Order your digital download: https://kvitnu.com/shop/Sturqen/Sturqen-Colera-mp3-320-kbps.html

Music & Artwork by Sturqen.
Released by Kvitnu.