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Finally we have a new release!

CD, cardboard eco-pack, 500 copies edition

Dunaewsky69 "Xquisite.Xcerpt." (kvitnu2)

Young Ukrainian imprint KVITNU presents it’s new release by multi-talented and extra-productive artist from Kyiv DUNAEWSKY69. With this CD Dunaewsky69 represents a certain extract from his three-years of extremely massive music production since his latest release. Gentle, minimalistic and pure soundscapes, straight and lacerated beats with beautiful abstract melodies, improvisations and short, but powerful inspiration, create very deep and remote tale that sings about harmony, sensitive threads, fare emotional experiences and depth of revelations of our own roads. With his music Dunaewsky69 follows visual wise kaleidoscopes of searches for original states, frequent meditations and unlimited possibilities of sound.

Zavoloka – live at Replica fest – free download

This is a recording of Zavoloka’s solo-performance at the REPLICA festival. Broken and turned inside out beat, deep electronic impulses and waves of texturized sketches are tied up into a unique unsteady structure. Zavoloka’s music neither strives for our admiration nor wants to frighten us off – rather it resembles a person, who wants to share something important with us.
Can be downloaded for free here

First review on Wag The Swing!

Here is a first review on Wag The Swing CD written by Frans De Waard:

“The long awaited – well, at least by some – collaboration of Kotra and Zavoloka. They already had a teaser EP, but here is the full twenty-four track CD. They play their music using “bass guitar, empty vinyl player, blank cd matrixes, voice and other machines” – by the latter I assume they mean the extensive use of computers. As said twenty-four tracks, which means that none of the tracks are very long. This sketch like approach works well. Some tracks are rhythmic, almost in a swing like mood, but throughout they add a strange element to the tracks, to add something unusual to the music. Of course there are also some more abstract pieces. It all makes the music very vivid. Combining the best of microsound, electro-pop and serious composition, this is a highly enjoyable CD, which comes in a cover that made me think they have money to burn.”