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Kvitnu goes to Poland!


On 1st of February Kvitnu corporation along with its artists Kotra and Zavoloka moves to Krakow (Poland). We will work at the Electroacoustic Music Studio of the Academy of Music in Krakow (SME) – http://sme.amuz.krakow.pl/

All our concert management activity is cancelled till the late Autumn 2008 or even later. Our festivals Detali Zvuku and Kvitnu Fest are planned to be moved to Autumn, but we will announce it later.

New CDs most likely will be released in Poland and will be available through our mailorder and our distributors.

If you have any questions or unfinished business in Ukraine – please get in touch this week. All future communications with Ukraine will be only through the Internet.

Our newsletter will still be functioning via our main site, as well as our MySpace page. Our news in ukrainian language will still be updated here – http://kvitnu.livejournal.com/

good luck to you

and have a great musical year!

Kotra and Zavoloka

The legend is coming to Ukraine……….. SCORN!!!

Just few days to this concert.. See you there, under the bass rain..

live set from our great guest
and a support acts from our artists and friends:

venue: club CINEMA, Kyiv, Ukraine,  Enthusiastiv str., 1.
start at 23:00, we will open doors at 22:00
don’t be late or you might not get inside if there are lots of people at the doors!!

Connexion Bizarre about Viter

With “Viter,” Ukrainian experimental electronic artist and designer Zavoloka begins a series of four concept releases dedicated to the traditional four elements of nature. Dedicated to the element of air (the title means “wind” in Ukrainian), “Viter” is the first installment of this tetralogy. Though short in duration (20 minutes), “Viter” is nevertheless a true breath of fresh air. In a musical field that may well be on its way to becoming full of insipid and soulless robotic artsy compositions, it is an auspicious sign to find talented artists that can skillfully combine electronic and analog instrumentation as well as seamlessly merge modern and traditional music elements. At all this, Zavoloka and her collaborators – Olga Potramanska on violin, Anton Zhukov on contrabass and vocalist Dania Chekun – excel in a release in where crisp and delicate IDM/glitch compositions compliment diaphanous string arrangements to create what is a thoroughly uplifting and soulful body of work. This is further enhanced by the addition of traditional Ukrainian singing (for example, “III. Inhale”). Last but not least, though actually the first attention-grabbing detail, is the design work – and expense – that went into making the packaging of this release, seemingly allusive to the sky at dusk. While packaging is obviously not replacement for the contents of a release, it can well be a very welcome compliment, and that is indeed the case with “Viter.” Despite this, on occasion, I also find it vaguely reminiscent of medical propaganda packages.
While “Viter” can easily stand on its own as a creative and talented piece of work with excellent production and design work, it is as part of a collective body of work (still under development) that it must be appreciated. If “Viter” serves as indicator, Zavoloka’s ‘four elements’ series is definitely something to look forward to.


Kvitnu has a birthday and a new CD!

Critikal "Graphorrhea"

We have a birthday! We are 1 year old now!
And to this date we finally finished our new release of Critikal “Graphorrhea”!

Graphorrhea, when utilized in artistic processes, is capable of producing ‘original’ results, especially if certain human-technical decisions help channel the process…

Critikal is an international dynamic project comprised of four artists. Each new work is constructed by one member using sound material and structural concepts from the other members. This time the album was created by Dmytro Fedorenko (Kotra), transforming pieces from Andrey Kiritchenko, Jeff Surak, and Tobias Astrom.

Critikal "Graphorrhea"

Zavoloka “Viter” is finally OUT!

The first in a series of limited edition “Universe elements” releases.
Viter is dedicated to the Air.

Zavoloka "Viter"

kvitnu 3, CD, cardboard multi-pack, released: 30.11.2007

Music composed and constructed by Zavoloka.
Performers: Olga Potramanska on violin, Anton Zhukov on contrabass.
Ukrainian traditional vocal by Dania Chekun.
Some sounds were recorded at INA-GRM studio on old analogue “Coupigny” synthesizer.
Mastering by Dmytro Volkov.
Cover design by Zavoloka.

Zavoloka "Viter"

Zavoloka’s track on 12″ vinyl release

A new track from Zavoloka is out on Surreal Madrid’s 12″ compilation.
Download previews: http://www.surrealmadrid.net/releases/sm16/index.html

A1 – FLOEX – Petr Parlé,,
A2 – MMtm – Chant of the booster
B1 – KARAOKE TUNDRA – Kill the neighbours!
B2 – ZAVOLOKA – Dzvenity (vocal by Danya)
B3 – LUKE WARM – Floatsmoother

Distributed by Starcastic / Tamizdat / Notape and will also be available on Kvitnu mailorder.