Many of you were asking if we ever plan the re-issue of Pan Sonic “Oksastus”, which was released back in 2014 and is long time sold out. And to be honest, at first we didn’t really plan to re-release this album. But last year we received so many emails asking to make this album again available on physical medium, that it made us to change our minds. Then we talked to Ilpo Väisänen if he is ok with such an idea and we agreed to make another run. It will be available again as limited edition 2xLP and CD.

Only 300 copies each.

We kept the original graphics but changed colours and the way it will be printed. Also this time Oksastus is pressed on a black vinyl, and CD is packed into a digipack, so this edition will have entirely new look.

You can pre-order your copy now.
It’s planned for shipping after 23rd of March.

Release page:

Today is a punk day on Kvitnu!

And we bring you our 69th release!


This is a reissue of a very first album of Kotra, which was created back in 1998 and was originally released in 1999 on a cassette by notorious Kyiv’s label Moon Records.

It was one of the first releases of experimental noise electronic music in Ukraine.

As raw as it could be, explosive psychedelic noise dirt of open and uncut experiments with form and time. Electronic punk, black noise, straight forward psy-core. It’s simple and it’s 100% full-on.

If this music could hold up with the time, it is up to you to decide.

Push play.

Music and artwork photography by Dmytro Fedorenko.
Mastered by C-drík aka Kirdec.
Design by ZAVOLOKA.

This is our 69th release.
Digital download only.

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Today Kvitnu turns 13 years!

And this time we decided to make a quite unusual release for our birthday.

In September 2019 Ukrainian singer and veteran of Russian-Ukrainian war Анастасія Шевченко (Anastasiia Shevchenko) (Стасік / Stasik) released her song “Lullaby for the enemy”. The frankness and true radicality of this song amazed us, and immediately after the video for this song came out, we (Kotra and ZAVOLOKA) offered to Anastasia to make remixes to Lullaby, and she accepted our offer.

We will not write additional concepts. This song’s text already contains it all.Song lyrics are provided in three versions – Ukrainian, Russian and English. You’ll get them together with the music.

Original video of this song –

More about Стасік (Stasik) on her web sites:

Like some of our previous releases for the anniversary of the label, this one also comes in two formats – a free download for everyone, and a 7 ” vinyl that will be produced as a special, limited in time, on-demand edition.

The final amount produced depends on how many pre-orders we will get during first two weeks after a release date. Then orders are closed and no more copies are planned for additional pressing.

We will announce final amount of the edition, which will be hand numbered on each cover.

This is our 68th release.

Release page:

Thank you for listening and developing with us for all these intense years!

Happy holidays!

Stay strong!