Today we start our new campaign – FREE REWIND

Every day, for 24 hours, we will put one release at “Name Your Price” for a download version. You can either download a release for free, or pay any amount you wish.

We will put for free download 5 releases per week, one each day, from Monday to Friday, and then next Monday five more, and then again…

FREE REWIND will contain those releases which are sold out on physical mediums. News about each free release will appear on our Facebook page, as well as on our Instagram and Twitter accounts. Subscribe to get updates about our FREE REWIND and you won’t miss anything.

There are plenty of sold out releases in our catalogue at the moment, it means we can run this campaign at least until summer.————————————————————————————

And today we start with out first ever release from our catalogue

24 weird & wild, triple distilled purely experimental tracks which were created back in 2005 and released in 2006! CD is sold out since long time.

Go, click “Name Your Price” and get this album now!————————————————————————————

Be safe, be calm and support each other.Yours,Kvitnu

Zavoloka made a new Kvitnu podcast

Released by our good friends Eclectique.

01. Muslimgauze “Salaam Alekum, Bastard”, Kvitnu 2020
02. Mingle “Shove”, Kvitnu 2019
03. Zavoloka “Sontse | Сонце”, Kvitnu 2018
04. Plaster “Harden”, Kvitnu 2019
05. Sturqen “Rito”, Kvitnu 2018
06. Pan Sonic “5’41’’”, Kvitnu 2020
07. Kotra “Lement 3””, Kvitnu 2020
08. Zavoloka “Promeni | Промені”, Kvitnu 2018
09. Ujif_notfound “L.L.”, Kvitnu 2019
10. Muslimgauze “Dome Of The Rock”, Kvitnu 2020
11. Стасік “Колискова Для Ворога | Lullaby For The Enemy” (Zavoloka remix), Kvitnu 2019

Have fun!

Bandcamp Friday

Dear friends,

As you might’ve heard, Bandcamp is waiving all artist revenue today. It means that artists and labels get 100% of what you buy, no cuts.

And today we set the entire Kvitnu’s digital discography with 70% discount. You can download almost 70 Kvitnu releases in one pack for just €111!

Go to any release and click “Buy Digital Discography” link.

Also today we get full revenue from each single sale, physical or download, so please consider buying something today from us, one track, one release or the whole discography.

Thanks you for your endless support!

Corona related message from Dmytro Fedorenko

Dear friends,

With this corona-panic and closing and canceling of everything, many artists who actually do depend on their live shows as their main or only income, are really in trouble. Canceling of one month fees would hurt anyone. Artists are not being compensated for these cancellations. There is no company who would pay artists their fees no matter what.

Many artists are looking for a different type of support, but there is something obvious that could work right away. Here’s the idea you might consider for these days and weeks:

If you planned to go to some event of an artist you love, and this artist’s gig was canceled, please simply go to artist’s personal Bandcamp and spend those little cash you planned for the door ticket and beer on simply buying a vinyl, cassette, CD or download. Buy one track! Nearly every artist has a Bandcamp, all money from these sales go directly to artist’s pockets. Don’t stream on Spotify, buy on Bandcamp today. Trust me, even just a few bucks matter.

This is not an abstract thing now. Today you can really support music by doing something real, even if small but really real.

Go, find your beloved artist’s Bandcamp and make an action!

Dmytro Fedorenko

We have another special release coming up this spring

Muslimgauze “Salaam Alekum, Bastard”


It was not so long time ago in history of modern music, when influence of musicians on society was tectonic. When artist’s statement or position could impact the political situation in a country or sometimes even worldwide. When secret services like KGB, Mossad or CIA would consider some musicians as seriously dangerous for their agenda, because of artist’s influence on audience’s minds. When artist’s names would be an inspiration and a symbol of fight for freedom. It was also a time when artists would not censor themselves and their position in fear of being obstructed and hunted by mob for political or any other incorrectness. When artistic freedom to honestly express their subjective views, no matter how harsh or extremely reactive the form of expression could be, was more valuable than any possible concerns or fear to hurt anyone’s feelings. When hurting feelings would mean that provocation reached it’s goal. When idea of speaking out their subjective truth had the highest value for artists, as one of true meanings of art.

It was a time when music was not safe.

And for us Muslimgauze is definitely one of those artists, whose honesty was neither safe nor correctly comfortable, but still endlessly inspiring.

And the idea of “music as a weapon” became the keystone for this release’s cover artwork.

You can pre-order your copy of “Salaam Alekum, Bastard” here:

It’s going to be released as 2xLP and CD, both limited to 300 copies.

We plan to ship it after 21st of April 2020.